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VICTORIAN LADY 2ml Collection
VICTORIAN LADY 2ml Collection
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VICTORIAN LADY 2ml Collection

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🌿 Size: Six 2ml (0.68 oz) bottles of perfume oil in a glass bottle. All bottles are labelled with the name of the fragrance.

The scents:

CAGED BUTTERFLY - In a dark mansion alone, but within a room made pretty by the vases of lavender and carnation flowers, she looks out upon snow-laden peaks. She unfurls a lace handkerchief, and the scent of comforting vanilla and rosemary leaves brings to her warm memories of happier times. This scent is a creamy floral herb fragrance perfect for all Victorian ladies.
Main notes: lavender, warm vanilla, carnation flowers, violets, rosemary
Scent family: Floral

FRENCH JASMINE - Jasmine! Lovely jasmine flowers blended with warming resins. Hints of fresh rose geraniums and muguet notes are delicately woven throughout to accentuate the sweet jasmine blooms. This vintage - inspired scent is a sophisticated and feminine floral perfume to transport you to magical castles and enchanted gardens. Perfect for all jasmine lovers!
Main notes: Jasmine, Muguet, Rose Geranium
Scent Family: Floral

LONDON ROSE - A unique and evocative version of a classic English tea rose scent! This perfume blends a garden of fresh roses with tea and neroli, with hint of underlying sweet vanilla. London Rose is a fresh, sweet, floral tea blend for ladies, and is reminiscent of the late Victorian Age.
Main notes: Rose accord, neroli, tea, vanilla
Scent family: Floral

MARI - The splendour of summer tea-time in the afternoon shade - the scent of sugared tea, tropical jasmine, and a hint of orange blossom! A sophisticated floral fragrance reminiscent of an outdoor Victorian tea party. This scent was created in honour of my grandmother. She was a beautiful and kind lady and likely where I inherited my perfumer's nose!
Main notes: tea, jasmine, orange blossom, aldehyde
Scent family: Floral Tea

SCANDAL IN LONDON - She's seductive, secretive, and little dangerous! Feminine lilac and ylang ylang flowers blends with feisty dragonsblood with a light hint of eastern sandalwood. A touch of Holmes' favourite tobacco tops off this sultry floriental perfume.
Main notes: lilac, sweet orange, ylang ylang, tobacco, bay rum
Scent Family: Floral / Oriental

THORNFIELD - Dark polished cedar and rosewoods with lavender and labdanum - mysterious, gloomy, and a little dangerous. A dark herbal blend with a touch of decayed florals. A floral Gothic scent, suitable for all young ladies advertising for the post of governess.
Main notes: rosewood, lavender, cedar, woods, white flowers
Scent family: Floral


🌿 Vegan. No animal-based ingredients. Any scents with notes of honey, leather, or musk are either synthetic or derived from plant-based sources.

🌿 No alcohol. This is handcrafted perfume in a vegetable oil base.

🌿 Cruelty-free. No product or supply was animal tested in the formulation of my scents.

Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, rice bran oil, proprietary fragrance blend