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Fellowship's Journey 2ml Collection
Fellowship's Journey 2ml Collection
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Fellowship's Journey 2ml Collection

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Size: Six 2ml (0.68 oz) bottles of perfume oil in a glass bottle. All bottles are labelled with the name of the fragrance.

The scents:

GREENLEAF - Through forests and across lemongrass fields he makes his way. Darkness comes. He stops along a riverbank; jasmine and rosemary flow through the air and relaxes his mind. He takes hold of the reins that leave traces of sandalwood upon his hands, and carries on to begin the fateful journey. Greenleaf is a woodsy citrus and floral scent. Created for elven lords, but elven ladies can easily wear this scent!
Main notes: woods, sandalwood, white florals, lemongrass, rosemary.
Scent Family: Woods / Floral

I AM FIRE - A great dragon from the ancient tales, his greed know no bounds and no warrior can slay him. His scent is smokey amber and sweet copal resin. Hints of patchouli and clove weave through the sweetness of smoke. Finally a touch of eastern lotus from far-away lands complete his fragrance. Perfect for dragon-lovers everywhere.
Main notes: copal, amber, smoke, clove.
Scent Family: Spice

MISTY JOURNEYS - Sweet tobacco, ivy greens, and tilled earth are the base for this unique scent that evokes the comfort of home with the longing for a grand adventure! A hint of butterscotch and honeyed tea tops off this unique fragrance, perfect for halflings. Part of the Fellowship’s Journey collection.
Main notes: sweet tobacco, ivy, earth, butterscotch, tea.
Scent family: Spice I Woods

MOUNTAIN HALLS - Forged in the flames of a hearth, a dwarven smith lays the final touches upon a weapon that will soon taste dragon blood. A pipe is lit to celebrate the fine craftsmanship as the scents bring comfort and strength to the clan in the Mountain Halls. A unisex fragrance that borders to masculine and inspired by the majesty of the dwarves. Part of the Fellowship’s Journey collection.
Main notes: dragonsblood incense, tobacco, copal, bay rum, cedar.
Scent family: Spice

RANGER - The man of the north watches the borders, the wildness and the ancient ruins of a different age. The smell of cypress clinging to his leathers is the only hint that he may have passed through. Perhaps you will spot a cloaked figure in the shadows of an inn, the tang of frankincense and sandalwood amongst the furnishings. Ranger is a woodsy and earthy scent, with hints of leather, floral, and incense.
Main notes: sandalwood, cypress, earth, leather accord, rose, vetiver.
Scent Family: Woods I Leather

SHIELDMAIDEN - It is a harsh world and the Shieldmaiden must be strong. Leather protects her form, even as the scent of ivy and lilies upon her shows that beauty is not just for a pampered princess. A floral blend with a background of leather base notes. Leather and woods are first discerned, then the florals emerge.
Scent Family: Leather I Floral