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Elven Grace 2ml Collection
Elven Grace 2ml Collection
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Elven Grace 2ml Collection

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🌿 Size: Five 2ml (0.68 oz) bottles of perfume oil in a glass bottle. All bottles are labelled with the name of the fragrance.

The scents:
ELF KING - A towering elven king, he stands ready to defend his woodland kingdom against the Shadow. Bright bergamot blends with eastern musk, ivy greens and woods, with a touch of leather. Although created for elf lords, an elven lady could easily wear this fragrance.
Main notes: bergamot, woods, ivy greens, light musk.
Scent family: Woods I Fougere

ELF QUEEN - One of the mightiest and fairest of the elves, the Elf Queen is surrounded by night-blooming jasmine flowers and the sweet smells of warm honey and golden vanilla cream. Rich incense swirls in the air as she rules her woodland kingdom. Elf Queen is a rich, unique floriental fragrance, perfect for ruling your elven kingdom.
Main notes: jasmine, vanilla, dragonsblood, honey, chypre.
Scent family: Floral Chyphre

ELF PRINCESS - An elven princess from ancient times, she brings hope and promise with the scents of romantic rose and soothing lavender. A touch of soft sandalwood, lily, and forest herbs completes her timeless fragrance. A floral blend of of lavender, roses, and sandalwood - a pretty floral scent, reminiscent of a medieval fantasy garden.
Main notes: lavender, rose, sandalwood, lily.
Scent Family: Floral

GREENWOOD MAIDEN - A fearless elf maiden, she is the protector of the forest. Berries and pure white gardenia and night jasmine florals are her fragrance, combined with fresh mosses from the woodlands. A lovely fruity floral scent.
Main note: fresh berries, jasmine, ylang ylang, gardenia, moss.
Scent Family : Floral I Fruity

GREEN LEAF - Through forests and across lemongrass fields he makes his way. Darkness comes. He stops along a riverbank; jasmine and rosemary flow through the air and relaxes his mind. He takes hold of the reins that leave traces of sandalwood upon his hands, and carries on to begin the fateful journey. Greenleaf is a woodsy citrus and floral scent. Created for elven lords, but elven ladies can easily wear this scent!
Main notes: woods, sandalwood, white florals, lemongrass, rosemary
Scent Family: Woods I Floral