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Romantic Regency 2ml Collection
Romantic Regency 2ml Collection
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Romantic Regency 2ml Collection

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🌿 Size: Five 2ml (0.68 oz) bottles of perfume oil in a glass bottle. All bottles are labelled with the name of the fragrance.

The scents:

THE CAPTAIN - Newly returned from the wars, the Captain seeks a place in a world. His scent is a background of light leather and dark woody musks, then lightened with fresh blossoms and greens from the meadow. A lingering scent of bay rum from his time on-board ship is like a whisper as he walks by. The Captain is a green fougere scent with hints of bay rum and leather accord.
Main notes: light bay rum, vetiver, white flowers, leather accord, fresh cucumber.
Scent family: Woods I Floral I Aquatic

FRENCH JASMINE - Jasmine! Lovely jasmine flowers blended with warming resins. Hints of fresh rose geraniums and muguet notes are delicately woven throughout to accentuate the sweet jasmine blooms. This vintage - inspired scent is a sophisticated and feminine floral perfume to transport you to magical castles and enchanted gardens. Perfect for all jasmine lovers!
Main notes: Jasmine, Muguet, Rose Geranium
Scent Family: Floral

GEORGINA - Spend a lovely summer afternoon with a pot of fresh-brewed mint tea, a bowl of ripe peaches, and a plate of delicious dainty cake! A scent that is fruity, sweet, and refreshing, with just a hint of underlying gloom beneath the sunny sky. Georgina is a feminine peach tea fragrance with floral undertones and a hint of light incense.
Main notes: peach, black and mint tea, incense.
Scent family: fruity I tea floral

TEA AT THE ABBEY - Take afternoon tea with Miss Catherine and Mister Tilney whilst sharing Gothic tales together! The richest and blackest of East India tea blends with sugared patchouli and incense. Then a mixture of Eastern sandalwood is mingled with hyacinth blooms and a touch of delicate green tea creating a luxurious floriental tea blend. This perfume is reminiscent of the Regency age, and is a balanced unisex fragrance for ladies or gents!
Main notes: black tea, hyacinth, incense, sandalwood, sugar.
Scent family: Tea I Floral Spice

TEA AT PEMBERLEY - Join Darcy and the Bennets for a fragrant afternoon tea-time at Pemberley! Black and pekoe teas blend with deep amber and sweet sugar. Hints of rose accord and other floral notes mingle with the tea blend, to create a feminine blossomy tea-based perfume. This perfume is reminiscent of the Regency age, and the world of Jane Austen!
Main notes: tea, black tea, rose accord, amber, florals.
Scent family: Tea I Floral