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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, CHOCOLATE DREAMS 2ml Collection


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🌿 Size: Five 2ml (0.68 oz) bottles of perfume oil in a glass bottle. All bottles are labelled with the name of the fragrance.

The scents:

AMBROSIA CHOCOLAT - Chocolate: delicious, sensuous, and an absolute necessity! This scent will satisfy your chocolate craving as it drizzles with honey, dark chocolate, and hints of vanilla cream. A scrumptious blend of tasty treats with a light touch of patchouli to round out the sweetness. A gourmand perfume that will have you constantly sniffing your own wrists!
Main notes: chocolate, amber, honey, vanilla

CHOCOLAT NOIR - Luscious dark chocolate, rich and satisfying! A blend of the darkest chocolates, with hints of cream coffee, dark resins, and exotic woods. A luscious chocolate fragrance for lady or gent.
Main notes: dark chocolate, copal resin, coffee, woods

CHOCOLAT ROSE - Beauteous rich red roses mingled with the satisfying delights of French chocolates. Hints of white florals dance throughout, leaving a dry-down of both sweetness and botanic elegance. This fragrance is a rich gourmand blend with floral tones, perfect for either day or evening.
Main notes: chocolate, rose accord, white florals

DEATHSDAY FEAST - Hallowe'en is in the air, and it's time to celebrate! The scent of comforting warm pumpkin, delectable caramel apples, chocolates, and spicy incense fills the Great Hall. Dig in and enjoy the season! Death's Day Feast is a rich chocolate pumpkin spice scent and is a gourmand fragrance, perfect for all young wizards and witches.
Main notes: pumpkin spices, incense, sweet apple, chocolate

RAVISH - Raspberry nibbles and chocolate kisses await you! A sweet and rich fragrance brimming with sugared raspberries and gourmet chocolates. A touch of champaka and amber is added to create an exotic gourmand background to the sweetness.
Main notes: chocolate, amber, sweet raspberry


🌿 Vegan. No animal-based ingredients. Any scents with notes of honey, leather, or musk are either synthetic or derived from plant-based sources.

🌿 No alcohol. This is handcrafted perfume in a vegetable oil base.

🌿 Cruelty-free. No product or supply was animal tested in the formulation of my scents.

Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, rice bran oil, proprietary fragrance blend